The Seven Deadly Sins of Website design

The Seven Deadly Sins of Website design

Slow-Loading Websites

In order to achieve a fast-loading website design, the rule of thumb is to simplify the features and elements. When you have too much stuff on your pages, it will take a long time before the server gets to send the files. Also, it’s important to compress and optimize images.

Outdated information

Why would people want to browse a website with outdated information? If there is the need to change some changes, implement the adjustments immediately. Don’t wait hours or weeks.

No clear call-to-action details

Each website must encourage people to do something productive. Your CTA must be clear and engaging, if not, the entire purpose of their visit is completely lost.


More and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones, so it’s important that you, as a website owner, to leverage on this new way of life. By making your pages responsive, you can reach a wider set of audience.

Too much Jargon

Keep in mind that not all web developers have a great sense of readability. You can see a lot of jargons in terms of service stations, and privacy policies. Don’t let your users feel confused and overwhelmed. Keep the jargons minimal.

Noticeable lack of content

What is the use of having a website if you wont update it? No content simply means no message. People would end up with nothing once they land on your page. Remember that high-quality content is completely relevant to your business’ intention and purpose.

Making important information hard to find

You only have a few seconds to give what people want. Take them to their much-needed information in an instant.