Web Hosting Myths

Web Hosting Myths

It is without question that many people nowadays want to establish their own websites. That is because they want to build their online presence, improve their credibility, and perhaps gain an audience. In fact, there are some that want to do these things so that they can sell products in the future!

With that being said, a lot of people believe that they can achieve a huge amount of success with a free web hosting service, but that is just not the case. You definitely have to consider getting the services of a top hosting company and nothing else. And through this siteground reviews in Malaysia, it can definitely help you give more ideas in choosing what’s the best for your website.

In this day and age, it is quite surprising that there are still some people that believe so many myths about web hosting. Today, below are some of the most prevailing myths to this day that you should stop believing in.

Just About Any Hosting Company Will Do

We all have our favorites, right? There are brands that we favor more than others. Take for instance your favorite burger. You might want what McDonald’s is offering as opposed to Burger King because of the flavor, among other things.

The same goes for a hosting company. Not all of them are the same, especially with the services that they provide. Do not just settle for any hosting company just because it is the first one that you see on the search results or one that sells hosting services based on the budget that you’ve set for yourself. Always choose the best one on the merits of good reputation and features that they offer.

Free is the Way to Go

I always believe in the notion that ‘nothing worthwhile in life is easy to get’. The same goes with getting a hosting service. If you assume that getting free web hosting services will give you success, then you are wrong.

Oftentimes, people incorrectly assume that a free hosting service is the same as the paid solutions; that is just not the case. If anything, your website’s success could be negatively impacted because of free web hosting services.

Paid Hosting is Expensive

A lot of people instantly assume that paid hosting is quite expensive. We tend to equate good services to an expensive price tag. That is usually not the case. Since web hosting is a highly-competitive industry, more and more companies offer amazing features for a relatively inexpensive price.

Seriously, prices are so long for paid hosting solutions that you would be remiss not to get them at this time.

All Inexpensive Hosting Sucks

As previously mentioned, it doesn’t mean that the price of the service is inexpensive that you would instantly assume that it sucks. Remember that the industry is quite competitive and companies will do anything just for you to sign up to their service; this may mean that they offer services that are far more inexpensive than what their competitors are offering.

Having a Domain is the Same

Another prevailing myth is that people think a domain is similar to a web hosting service. I think that has something to do with the fact that hosting companies nowadays also offer a domain as part of their hosting plan.

But, a domain is different and in some cases, you need to go to a different domain registrar just for you to get your very own online address.

Top Hosting Companies Do Not Have Negative Reviews

There is a saying that if something is just too good to be true, then it probably is. The same goes for web hosting reviews. If you find that the review doesn’t speak any negative about the company, then that is suspicious.

Always go for reviews that also tackle the cons of any service, particularly in the web hosting space.